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Daniel Southerd

“ God has blessed me with many gifts. It is a privilege to use those gifts to bring glory

to The Giver.”

I began singing in front of audiences at the tender age of three years old. I have

always felt at home on a stage and I enjoy performing. It has been a great joy to hone

my abilities to better serve The Lord. Local Guitar legend Wes Lampp helped me learn Chet Atkins style

fingerpicking for two years and gave me the tools I need to improve on my own. I now spend

many hours learning new songs while implementing the lush chords and finger

picking that I have learned. I adore playing the guitar and the bass guitar.


I already had a firm foundation in Music Theory and piano because of years of high

quality lessons from the late Mrs. Angela Neibel. This great tutelage from her

has enabled me to advance rapidly not only on the aforementioned guitar and bass

guitar, but also the saxophone. In my very few spare moments, I sometimes also pick up my

dulcimer and play some tunes.


A major step in my musical journey was beginning studies at Rend Lake College at

the age of 14. I have grown extensively as a vocalist due to the expertise Professor

John McGhee has shared with me. I have also increased my guitar acumen through

studying the disciplines of classical guitar at the college. I now carry this knowledge forward in personal practicing as I progress toward a Bachelor's of Accountancy at SIUE. I am blessed to be able to

take part in this unique opportunity. Through the diligence instilled in me by my

family, I have had the honor of making The President’s list during multiple



In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and target shooting. I

am an avid fisherman. Also, I’m an active member of the Jefferson County Antique

Tractor Club.

I look forward to what the future holds for The Gospel Messengers and myself

musically. Even more importantly, I can be assured that we can spiritually prosper

because we know who holds the future.

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